Our Mission

At UTC, we believe that Taekwondo is a vehicle which helps guide students to find their fullest potential. Taekwondo is the purest form of discipline, which requires you to work to refine your craft. This constant necessity to objectively evaluate oneself helps our students to have more positive character traits that will translate to their work ethic, school grades, behavior at home, and on the playing field.

Our Goals

  • Empower our students with abilities and techniques to be able to defend themselves.
  • Help contribute to a more healthful lifestyle: mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Provide a family-like environment between our masters, staff, students, and parents.
  • Try our very best to help each of our students grow as individuals to make help make this world a better place.

Our Story

We have been the leading Taekwondo training center since 2000 in the tri-state area, with 16 convenient locations. The class schedules are flexible, so we can almost always accommodate your busy schedule. Classes are divided by belt ranking and ages as well to help cater towards your skill level.

Most importantly, we encourage a positive learning environment to help students and families make the most of their experience at United Taekwondo. We provide a family-like environment where the Masters and Instructors genuinely care for each and every student. Kicking correction days are designated specifically to help students increase dexterity with their feet as well as develop a stronger core. Self-Defense and board breaking days are assigned to help students gain confidence in their abilities. Sparring is done strictly on certain days and for our Team Black Belt students. They will develop techniques and sparring “steps” which will let them understand distance and timing to use their strikes more effectively.