Taekwondo Benefits

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Build confidence: With our system, all of our students are bound to be successful. 3 million students each month miss school because of the fear of being bullied. Taekwondo helps build character and unshakable confidence which can help overcome the bullying. Discipline, respect, and responsibility are emphasized while coming to United Taekwondo. We instill confidence […]

Self Defense

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At United Taekwondo, we practice a variety of techniques called “One Step Sparring” that help students understand angles and techniques in order to defend themselves in the heat of the moment. By understanding distance and timing to do techniques, students will be able to utilize their techniques before getting hurt or injured. At higher levels, […]

Physical & Mental Fitness

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Age and weight should not be a hindrance for you to train in Taekwondo. We offer a great way to lose weight, become more physically fit, and have a great time all at once. Taekwondo is a source of changing negative energy and stress into a positive outlet without being destructive or harmful. You will begin […]