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Taekwondo Benefits

Build confidence: With our system, all of our students are bound to be successful. 3 million students each month miss school because of the fear of being bullied. Taekwondo helps build character and unshakable confidence which can help overcome the bullying. Discipline, respect, and responsibility are emphasized while coming to United Taekwondo. We instill confidence in your children by understanding self defense techniques.

Develop Good Work Ethic: Our masters and instructors try their very best to help our students become the best martial artists they can be. The title of becoming a black belt martial artist is very prestigious. A true martial artist does not only train with his fists and feet. The mindset of every true martial artist is that of peace. Constant reevaluation and refinement in their kicks and punches make martial artists very patient and enduring. Perseverance is the key to success of not only Taekwondo, but also for many other career paths, sports, arts, and school work as well.

Enhance Self-Esteem: Often times during class, at promotion tests, or even tournaments, students break boards: not only to show strength and focus, but to showcase an achievement. By continuing to accomplish something or overcome different obstacles, students feel empowered and better about themselves. Building our students up is a priority to help them become stronger individuals. Taekwondo forces each and every one of our students to think clearly in pressure situations.

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Self Defense

At United Taekwondo, we practice a variety of techniques called “One Step Sparring” that help students understand angles and techniques in order to defend themselves in the heat of the moment. By understanding distance and timing to do techniques, students will be able to utilize their techniques before getting hurt or injured.

At higher levels, we begin to explore the world of Taekwondo Sparring. Sparring is the practice of one’s techniques in real time with a partner or against an opponent. By practicing sparring, our students begin to weed out techniques that really do work in live sparring and techniques that are otherwise used only for demonstration purposes. Techniques that can be utilized for one individual might not be as effective when used from another Taekwondo martial artist. Being able to defend yourself against a much larger adversary requires a lot of good timing and footwork (otherwise known as “Steps”).

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Physical & Mental Fitness

Age and weight should not be a hindrance for you to train in Taekwondo. We offer a great way to lose weight, become more physically fit, and have a great time all at once. Taekwondo is a source of changing negative energy and stress into a positive outlet without being destructive or harmful. You will begin to learn how to recharge your body with exciting energy and reinvigorate your body at work or at school. The explosive training from our kicks and punches will help our students create a sleek, firm, graceful, and fit body.




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Bully Prevention

Studies indicate that less than 15% of students actually report acts of bullying. The sole reason why the majority of students are afraid of standing up against the bullies is because of the fear of physical retaliation from them. Although almost all of the victims know that they must confront their bully, they cannot simply bring themselves to do so. In order for victims to stand up against these physical bullies, they must first feel confident in defending themselves.

By introducing your children to Taekwondo, you can be more than confident that your son or daughter will understand to use verbal assertiveness so that they can diffuse any physical assault from bullies. We often times use the analogy of gun control. If we teach your children how to use Taekwondo, but not when to use their techniques, it is the same as handing someone, but not telling them when to use it.