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Master Sang Ho Song

Master Sang Ho Song has many vivid childhood memories training Taekwondo. At 6 years of age, he recalls seeing other students in the training area sweating and screaming while training. He was immediately hooked and became motivated just watching his peers! He was especially fascinated to see young black belt students teaching other beginner students. This motivated him to also one day become a Master.

Master Sang Ho Song was most influenced by his grand master and parents. Hi grand master's classes were very challenging and focused on how to endure pain and overcome obstacles. His teaching philosophy was ‘Grow Strong, Live Strong’, so students were not permitted to cry or give up during training. There were times when he wanted to quit training, but he remembers his parents encouraging him to never give up!

Master Sang Ho Song started Taekwondo because of his best friend. His best friend was a Taekwondo student and was very strong and confident, and often times stood up for him when he faced bullying in school. One day, he followed his friend to his Taekwondo class. He saw his friend training hard with a serious face- a face he hadn't seen while they were in school. That day marked the start of Master Sang Ho Song's Taekwondo journey.

Parent Testimonials ★★★★★

"Must go place. with my experience, the best martial arts school in maspeth. Class is really organized. Not only learn kicking and punching but also learn the way of living as a human being. I highly recommend this school who wants learn real martial arts."

- Taeil M.

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"Master song is great teacher for kids. I love this place so much. I highly recommend this place for neighbors"

- Dohyun K.

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"Great instructors great atmosphere. Nephew currently attends here and he loves it. They're great with New comers just don't expect your child to get babied this is a great place to teach kids respect and have them earn self confidence."

-Eric R.

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